Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SSIS Utilities (DTSWizard, DTUtil)

Today I stumbled across two very good utilities shipped with SQL Server
2005. They are both SSIS based.

1. DTSWizard:
This is a wizard based import export utility. This creates a SSIS package,
executes it, copy it to file system or to database instance. This SSIS
package is for import / export data from many sources to SQL Server. I used
it to create a package to export data to excel file, which is successfully
did. I loved this utility.

You can start this utility by just typing DTSWIZARD in the command prompt.

This is also related to SSIS. This is about copying / moving SSIS packages
from / to SQL Server.

You can start this utility by typing DTUTIL from SQL Server. This is not
wizard based but it uses or creates SSIS package.

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