Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batch Update ADO .net OPENXML

I wanted to use the Batch Update in one of my project and I explored the following information. This might be of interest to some of you.

I thought that using the Batch update option in .net 2.0 command, I can go with this. This is achieved using the rows in a dataset which are updated using a DataAdapter object. In reality one has to set the UpdateBatch size property to a specific value. But this is not the same. When i started the profiler, the trace showed that each statements are executed individually instead a single Update / Insert statement. When i studied the documentation, it became clear that Microsoft never claimed that a single statement would be executed. It says that a batch of statements are passed to SQL Server instead of individual statement. You can study the following article for further details:

But those who are like me and want that a single Update/ Insert statement is executed instead, have an alternate option. This is through the use of OPENXML feature of SQL Server. All the rows are provided to a stored procedure as a single parameter of XML. The parameter datatype is generally set as NText. For further details, please read the following:

After using this option, when you start your profiler trace, you should be satisfied that there is only a single Update statement being executed.

Are you happy now??

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