Saturday, June 7, 2014

GitHub Contributions App - Android Internal file Storage

This is a continuation of a post for building an android app for displaying GitHub contributions of a user. We are using name of user for pulling down profile and repository details of the user. As we are adding features to the app, we have been learning about android and its development model.

Currently we are at the point that we can download the data asynchronously and display it on the UI. User can also change user and the data is downloaded for the new user. In this post, we want to build up on this by adding the following:

Keep the data in a file so that when the app needs it it can just be pulled from a file rather than being downloaded from the web. This can also cater to the offline scenarios when the app is launched while being disconnected from the network. We also don’t need to download data if the app is launched within 3 hours of when the data was downloaded last time.


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