Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boston Code Camp 19 - Mar 2013

Thanks for attending my session in Boston Code camp on March 2013, if you did. Here are the slides:

You always meet the most amazing people in such events. This time I had the same pleasure of interacting and discussing about the how technology is shaping up specially Microsoft stack of technologies.

Me with Julie Larmen

This time I also tried walking a bit around town. Here are some beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, the battery died down, otherwise, I was planning to have the whole catalog here [I mean my cell phone's battery :) (not mine)]


Imadulhaqe said...

Hi Shujaat,

Do you have a recorded session of your presentation available on internet. If yes can you please send its link. I would be really helpful.


Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi said...

Hi, Unfortunately I don't.