Sunday, September 9, 2012

Code Camp @ SW Florida

It has been a great experience speaking @SW Florida Code Camp yesterday [08th Sep].

My session was about Portable Class Library Tools and their use in MVVM Design. As is general for code camps, we got a great chance to meet the like minded technology enthusiasts. As you know I have had a few posts about the same. So the session was just about the issues / solutions in these posts. You can find them here:
Code camp is a great opportunity to meet like minded technology enthusiasts, and SW Florida Code camp seemed to be no exception. You get amazed by talking to these individuals with their depth and breadth of technology knowledge. Their openness to learn / unlearn certainly deserves an appreciation.

Muhammad (myself), Scott Dorman, Shayne Boyer

Muhammad (myself) & Jay Hill

Muhammad (myself) & Patrick Roeper

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