Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Changing Working Folder in VSTS

Though it is rarely required but sometimes we need to change the local folders of the code. The local folder is called “Working Folder” in Visual Source Safe and we are used to this term.

If you want to change the local folder in VSS, you just right click and change the working folder. It is that easy.

Working on VSS for so long, we expect that using the same steps, we could change the working folder in Team System but there is no option like that. Seeing this one wonders if we are able to change the location of working folder in Team System. The answer is “Yes”.

As you know code is organized in VSTS in the form of “Workspaces”. We need to go through them in order to change the local folder. Don’t right click anything and just go directly to the File menu.

As soon as you click this menu, the following form is displayed:

As you can see that the available workspaces are listed in the form. Using this form we can add new workspaces. We can also update or remove any existing workspace.

To change the local path, we need to select the desired workspace in the list and select ‘Edit’. Doing this would open the following form:

As you can see that under Working folder’s list, there is a column called Local Path. Choose any working folder and hit … button to change the folder to you desired folder. This would open the following form:

Just select the folder and click OK.

You have successfully changed the local working folder. Great!!!

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