Tuesday, May 7, 2013

dotPeek peeks Nuget packages now!

JetBrains has announced today a new plugin for dotPeek. This is to provide support for peeking into nuget packages without downloading them. This allows us to source packages from the chosen nuget repository. We can search for appropriate package and open them in Assembly Explorer.

It is also possible to peek all nuget packages as referenced in a packages.config file.

As we discussed in our previous post that assembly explorer has already been added to Resharper 8 EAP, there might be future support of the same feature in Resharper 8. After installation, the package should be available in installed plugins list. This can be enabled or disabled by using the options here:

You don't need to download the dotPeek 1.1 EAP as the plugin is also supported for RTM version of the tool. You can find further details about the plugin along with download instruction on JetBrain's blog here:


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