Sunday, November 11, 2012

Assembly References For a Profile In a Portable Class Library Project

In this post we will be discussing one more common question people ask regarding Portable Class Library projects. This is about how to find out the list of assemblies referenced by the project. The question is raised because the references section is displayed as follows:

Object Browser
The first option is to use the Object Browser [View -> Object Browser]. Just select "My Solution". You might need to unload the other projects if you need to just see the assembly references caused by the portable class library project in the solution.

Class View
We can also see the referenced assemblies in the class explorer. This is also available in View Menu [View -> Class View].

Profile Folder
One of the option is to directly go to the folder for the specific profile and see the assemblies in the folder. The profile information can be found in the solution explorer as follows:

And here are the available assemblies for the profile.

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